How conflicts affect vulnerable groups – The impact on women and children

woman and childrenEven in this modern world, where everyone has the right to speak, do changes and live their lives as they want to, there are still things to improve. Every person out there can fight for what they want to have and be, but a much better way is to do so for a whole group of individuals. That is what an Atlanta escort does and wants to show others. It is their job to spread happiness and joy to others, but also to show them how to do it themselves and to engage everyone in making this world a better place. Conflicts are all around us and waiting to be solved, even by a Georgia escort that loves to help each of you.

It affects women and children the most

Those groups that usually, because of a wide range of reasons, are not able to care for themselves or are restricted from doing so, are being affected the most. Those would be firstly the children because they depend on their parents or caregivers, they are the ones who should get the most attention in these and similar problems. Children are the biggest part of the vulnerable group, followed by women, which also depend on others for a whole different set of reasons, but you won’t find an Atlanta escort like those from in that group. Throughout the history, women have been treated differently. They are seen as subjects that only give birth and continue the line, or as weak and unable to do a change. All escorts you meet on EROS will be angry if they see or experience something like this, they will always want to do things on their own and show that there is no difference.

There are many types of violence

Doing harm to someone, or briefly said violence, is not only something that can make body damage or hurt, but also it is all kinds of discrimination. Political violence is a thing, even though it doesn’t seem that way. It is often manifested by taking funds and possibilities from different groups and focusing on replacing or granting them to others. Those who suffer the most out of that are children and sometimes even escorts. A good example for that was the latest presidential election. That proved that even the most advanced countries still have problems which are as basic as these. A Georgia escort from knows that feminism, even though it is mostly a positive thing, won’t change any of these, much more significant problems. So she and her colleagues and friends focus on other parts and do things no one even thinks of.

In order to maintain security and peace in your house, you need to also work on that of the whole neighborhood. Reaching out and helping places which need it much more and are in a worse situation is what makes us humans. The refugee crisis is an important thing, but even though you cannot do much about it on your own, you can make your government do so. Volunteering in places like villages in Africa and small communities in Asia, Europe, and the American continent, may affect you as well. So don’t stop educating yourself about what is good and what not and how to change things if there is a need for it. Just be positive, and you will see how just a smile or a word of support can change even the darkest situation.

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